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  1. the subject of this thread could be "Stacked data vs function recursion implementations" I believe this implementation is more inline with your example and it looks more like your recursive implementation without the recursing function... I know that recursion is used in other languages and that it is very popular with "professionnal programmers", but this is not what i'm looking for. I also know that recursion is used in LV and i would like to get some of those so i can code them with data only (iterative) coding and analyse the advantages and disadvantages of both implementation.
  2. As already stated, i suggest STRONGLYYYYY that you look into clusters, they can clear up wires and organize your information.
  3. For an equal comparison, your code must be compared to the top example, that does not involve a division, and not the bottom one that permits higher orders of recursions. So it is this one : That i find even simpler due to the fact that it does not hide code in a case structure.
  4. I downloaded some of the entries to evaluate them. After 5 minutes fiddling around i evaluated that i would have to invest much more time than 5 minutes to do a proper evaluation. In order to get more people to evaluate, it must be considered that they maybe did not even read about the challenge or what the goals and limitations were. It has to be clear and guide the evaluators from the beginning until the final evaluation.
  5. Have you ever had to use this in a concrete (deployed solution working and used by someone else) solution? If yes, could you explain the problem so that i can put it in perspective? Would your expression equal this in LV? If yes, what would function recursion add? The top one is the simpler believed to equal your expression and the below one is a configurable one where n can be changed to make somthing like F(0) = 1 F(1) = 1 F(x) = 1 F(n) = F(n-1) + F(n-2) + F(n-x)...
  6. If you are under a windows network, I think it would be possible to put your files in a folder that you have access and that they don't. You could probably make your app run under this user also with a "run as.." thing. I don't know why it could not work in other networks also (Novell, Linux...).
  7. Some clarifications of my quest... I am looking for already solved or to be solved with software in real life cases in order to analyse why the native dataflow in LabVIEW could not solve efficiently a particular case in order to comprehend why it is needed to push recursion as well on the methods side. I would like to see what are the limits of the dataflow if there are any on this subject. One clear limit with the dataflow being sharing data between parallel process, i would like to analyse recursion in the same way. So here is the first case for analysis. Recursion case 1 : Listing the c
  8. Salut. In relation to : Automatic Recursion, Recursive Brat I don't see any advantages of implementing recursion with recursive functions instead of just recursing trough with a recursive data structure. Can someone give some?
  9. Saved for version 8 Download File:post-731-1160677733.vi
  10. Look at this, maybe it will give you some info... Download File:post-731-1160664122.vi
  11. For the first point : Does this mean that you believe that the wire in LabVIEW is really a wire? What do you think the wire is when you decompose it and dig further in the LabVIEW core? I would tend to say that it is an object with properties and methods... And what are those Objects? lines of code...and what are those lines of code? series of bits...and what are those series of bits? gates that allow or disallow the flow of electicity or dataflow! The analogy is just there to allow some non CS people to understand the dataflow basic idea. Data flows trough a series of functions and thus is
  12. Could someone translate this in english?
  13. my real name is Dominic, Jacemdom comes from when i got tired of creating usernames, on the web, that were already used and decided to create one, that would unlikely been used before. I only got bumped once and that was due to me having unsubsribed from a site and trying later to subsribe again and the server add remembered my old name , so i had to wait a couple of months for their automated flush process to act and then was able to use my virtual name again. It comes from JACob oldest son, EMrik youngest and DOMinic If we live in an Object world, then unique inheritance is a fantasy!
  14. From my point of vue, references in LV ressemble more like "Serialization" than dataflow. Could you elaborate a bit on the subject? I never feel like i am or that soemone else is arguing just for the sake. This is an object world concept. What i do believe, is that some of my "outputted" ideas(data), especially the water analogy, flowed from the interior of my head and "inputted" into yours to be processed (functions) and "outputted" from your head and "inputted" into mine, was processed (functions) and created. That brings me to conclude (like i don't remember who talked about this in t
  15. Salut. If i slip again and don't see it by myself, i always appreciate being awakened...but i believe i will remember the amount of work that i needed to do in order to try an clear things up so that the information may be more inline with the original topic that i most probably will triple verify to stay inline with the major topic of the topic or create a new post. As for the damage done in the threads refered in this discussion, i do not have the power to clean them out. Only an admin could do that... This post could be considered to be quite long (so long that the quote formating stopp
  16. I would ask all people to stop using this thread for Dataflow, OO, By Value, By Ref discussion. I'm in the process of creating a new topic especially for that, that will allow this one to continue its original line (if possible at this point) and will gather all the bits and pieces of the Dataflow, OO, By Value, By Ref discussion that have hijacked this discussion and also other ones. I'm doing it right now and it should take me about 30 to 60 minutes.
  17. instead of maybe Wikipedia definition used http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/ and http://www.droppingknowledge.org/bin/home/home.page i did not research to see if it was used a lot or read trough the entire licence to see if it fits your needs axactly.
  18. is that possible? From wikipedia : Abstraction
  19. Salut. The steady flow of new users reminded me that I never did a formal or "unformal" introduction and i decided i would do them. First the formal one In school i studied what could be called "learn to measure and control anything with a computer". This includes physics, sensors, electonics, digital conversion and programming(Assembly, C, VB and LV) Altough i forgot the majority of the details i have a good basis to understand all physical phenomenas and how to measure/control them. As for the remaining time. Since i remember that i can remember. I have spent the majority of the time
  20. In response to this The need for lock in get-modify-set pass Is there anyone that would share a project where by ref OO is required to solve a problem efficiently in a simple way, so that i can see from my own eyes that this is really something missing in LabVIEW? jacemdom@videotron.ca
  21. <Maybe the server is down or slowly tumbling away. I posted this message on info-lv at the same time and i did not receive it...
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