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  1. with an appearance change...like NI did with the while loop conditional terminal between version x.x and x.x (don't remember)
  2. Looks like a thread issue...the loop with the control on the UI must end up in the same queue of execution...
  3. Matthew Williams wrote : Are there any advantages in duplicating complete PCs instead of using an image software like Norton Ghost to switch beetween PC configuartions?
  4. Maybe some help at : http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?showtopi...p;hl=dll+import http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?showtopi...p;hl=dll+import
  5. Could'nt you put your sim VI inside the real one and add an input to select sim or real mode? This is what i usually do when i build sim capacities in an app.
  6. Started a new thread http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?showtopic=4179
  7. Salut. This post http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?showtopi...ost&p=16981 Made me remember that i saw the possibility of seeing if a variable was write or read when you serched for all instances. I looked back and all the variables i find are marked write even when they are in read mode. Is that supposed to be that way?
  8. Putting your codebase path into the search path does not resolve your problem?
  9. Could you make a development distribution? I don't have the OGTK VIs.
  10. Could someone give there procedure and tools used to import a transparent image on the button? I believe i found the answer... from the LV Help : Importing Graphics on Windows You can import an image from a graphics application, drag and drop an image file into LabVIEW, or use the Edit
  11. Usually, when i build an analysis app, i have a VI somwhere that does the math and that VI will have a higher priority then my other VIs if needed and the rest is automatically done by LV as written in the help :
  12. I have built a template "copier" in the past. My template was a hierarchy of VIs with type defs and ... It renamed everything to what i wanted using tags... I beleive there is something similar built in know in 8.0 called source distribution...
  13. Template at run or edit time? At runtime you can use .vit and at edit time just a simple VI that you save somewhere and copy/rename when you start a new app
  14. Create the controls is more complex but done once....NET implementation more simple but makes code more complex every time you use it...I guess it depends on your goals...
  15. I never had to change the priority of NI VIs...could you describe to me a situation when this is needed?
  16. I like LV8 and i decided a month ago to go trough with the upgrade process of all our projects/libraries and methodology. When 8 came out, i dived right into it and quickly realized that i would have to be prepared mentally, physically and importantly projectly, to go ahead with the upgrade. If i compare upgrading with going up a staircase, then : 3 --> 4 = 1 step 4 --> 5 = 1 step 5 --> 6 = 2 steps (events brought a whole new categories of tools and ways to resolve a problem) 6 --> 7 = 1 step 7 --> 8 = 3 steps (mainly what surrounds the project way of organizing and the fe
  17. I think the migration from 7.1 to 8.x is similar to 5.x to 6.x when NI introduced the event structure...a lot of code needed to be updated and that generated a lot of extra work where i worked...i see the same with the project and the LVOOP...but i believe that i will prefer the beach on the other side of the river once i have managed to cross it, just like i would probably find it hard to work without the event structure now...i advise to be prepared when trying to cross the river...one can also drown in the process...
  18. I never worked with Subversion. If you want to go with another software, you can use Perforce for free if you have no more than 2 users...
  19. We are doing pre and post build operations automatically. I'm doing them automatically to eliminate the human errors. When we deploy a software, there are certain inhouse rules that we have to follow. File nomenclature, folder and file organisation, documentation, cross app VI usage, existance of the files in the SCC depot (perforce), creation of a label of the deployed files and others not yet defined... We want control and traceability over our development process including the deployement phase. If i could do pre build operations that could abort all following steps in case of an unconf
  20. You will need 2 seperate loops in order to achieve your goal. I suggest you look at the different templates/framework available in LabVIEW via the starting dialog "VI From Template". Depending on your needs, select one of the design patterns. Producer/Consumer or Master/Slave I don't believe so...
  21. I want to show the build progress and ideally cancel...i was able to do both in LV pre 8... In LV previous to 8, i used : 1- To build : C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 7.1\project\prodisttool.llb\Dist Build App Image.vi and C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 7.1\project\wininstall.llb\Win Install Create.vi 2- For feedback : An homemade feedback UI with C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 7.1\project\prodisttool.llb\Dist Build Status.glb Where is that data in LV 8 an up?
  22. Open the LabVIEW Help and enter "multithreading" in the index tab...
  23. Salut. From LV8.0.1 help : 1- Does someone know how to also get the created installer files? (i only get the exe output files) 2- How can i start the build status feedback window when using the BuildTargetBuildSpecification.vi?
  24. You could reinstall just the DAQ MX driver and select support for LV7 in the installation selections
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