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  1. 2 hours ago, drjdpowell said:

    it is easy to add additional parent levels that represent only simple capabilities

    Please forgive the intrusion as I'm neither of the "A"s* in "LAVA", but I just finished the NI OO class (and slept in a Holiday Inn last night) and wonder if that's not something I could use interfaces for.

    * neither Advanced nor Architect

  2. On 4/9/2022 at 7:24 AM, ShaunR said:


    So he designed a 64 channel card with 32 digital in and 32 digital out that could sink 3 amps per channel. [...]

    I worked with an engineer named "Glen".  Glen was the inventor of GXI, or "Glen's Expense-able Interface" with a small selection of I/O devices to choose from.  It sounds similar to what your guy did, but for  a different reason.  None of his projects came with a budget for test equipment!

  3. I worked for an NI Alliance Member company and signed a (legally non-binding) non-compete agreement, which meant I wasn't supposed to be poachable.  I found a job opening at a company that turned out to be working with my employer on an unrelated-to-me project which I wasn't hired to take over, so I wasn't competing and jumped ship. :P 

  4. After years of mergers, acquisitions and reorganization I've finally ended up in a Test Engineering group that primarily uses C#.  The current environment of legacy LabVIEW systems will keep me gainfully employed (maybe) but I'm glad to be facing the specter/opportunity of learning a new language.  Wish it was python, though...

  5. I can confirm that uninstalling the later RTE resolved my problem (as did recompiling with that switch deselected).  I can also say that I've told NI in the context of my currently-open-but-about-to-be-closed Service Request.

    If you worked with me, drjdpowell, I'd get you a cash award large enough for a nice dinner for two (or more).  Here I can only say thank you.  Thank you very much.


  6. I've posted this on NI's forum, but the Machine Vision group isn't particularly active. - https://forums.ni.com/t5/Machine-Vision/IMAQ-image-indicator-is-black-now/m-p/4137840#M53508

    We've been running a version of a machine-vision/control software since 2012, with the latest revision being LabVIEW 2018 released a year ago. It uses two analog cameras and some digital IO, and the cameras stopped displaying the image on Friday. I can snap/grab images in MAX, but not with the LabVIEW software (or an executable built on just the image-grabbing part of the larger code.)
    I made a smaller program that snaps a picture and saves it to disk.  This, too, fails to show me the picture but does put the picture to disk.  Only, when I read the saved image (using IMAQ ReadFile 2) I get the same black-filled indicator (but it works properly on my dev PC).  The problem seems to be only with IMAQ displaying the images to an image indicator.
    We thought that something broke when someone installed another LabVIEW program the day the problem started, but I replaced the (Win7) PC with a freshly-imaged (Win10) PC this morning and reinstalled our software along with MAX (20) and Vision Acquisition (18.5, the same as was on the original PC).  This had no affect on the problem.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.
    We've since swapped the video card, camera and NI PCI-1410 frame-grabber.  I was grasping at straws here, but I'd take a straw at this point.
    Do you have any ideas?  Any troubleshooting steps I could take?


  7. I don't believe that your intention is to loop through all of the hard-coded PINs twelve times.  Remove that constant to the For loop and let the tunnel from your array of PINs auto-index.  I'm confused about how you've got a 1-D array of Booleans being indexed into a 2-D array, but your Front Diagram :) indicator looks like only 1-D.  Surely my eyes aren't so bad that I can't see that green wire getting bigger outside the loop...

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