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  1. I remember the good old days where all I needed to do was get added to an admin group and I could do anything I wanted.  The pendulum swung so far away from that extreme to the point where I had to launch a two-week workflow to get the simplest of things done.  The pendulum is near a sane point now where I can do stuff (I'm installing NXG right now).  Have you heard of Viewfinity?  It makes the approval to install something take as long as your boss takes to respond to an email.  Life is good again.


  2. On ‎1‎/‎24‎/‎2017 at 11:12 AM, CraigC said:

    Often in vision if a picture is analysed then the original is overwritten / destroyed.  Is it just a case of taking the image reference before the processing and then overlaying the analysis result onto the original Image.  Difficult to explain and I do not have the vision toolit to hand.

    You often have to copy the original image and use one copy for image processing, then overlay the results onto the original Image, not the processed one.

    This is what solved the issue, I just missed the significance of what you & ShaunR said until after taking an NI Machine Vision course last month.  I still need to overlay the processing parts, but the big nut has been cracked.  Thank you.


  3. I asked a question on the NI site about an odd difference in images in software that I inherited - http://forums.ni.com/t5/Machine-Vision/What-s-wrong-with-this-image/m-p/3573561#U3573561

    I get different images in two versions of a software my predecessor wrote, but I can't get the source code to make my desired image (the first one).  I've attached the Vision Acquisition Express VI that is used in the software on my NI post.  Can you tell me the difference and how I can get the nicer image?

    good picture.png  bad picture.png

  4. If you have significant experience in any programming languages, but not LabVIEW specifically, I'd be satisfied (as an interviewer).  Graphical programming is certainly a different kind of animal, but programming is programming, and you can add another language to your repertoire faster than you learned the first few.  If you don't have significant experience programming, share with them (and with us, please) what you hope to bring to the table while you improve as a developer.

    I've interviewed several engineers that had the AUDACITY to put LabVIEW on their resume just because it was in a class they once took or they used someone else's stuff.  Oh, the horror!  I was not impressed and they were not hired.  I'm thoroughly jaded...

  5. 16 hours ago, ShaunR said:

    So Boss. You question the suppliers QA? I'll need you to sign this request in order Our that Goods In switch to 100% inspection sampling and I'll hand it personally to the Goods In manager along with your extension number :D When will you be at your desk? :)

    Our Materials department tells me that "Suppliers are liars".  Still, we don't do 100% inspection on incoming goods.

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