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  1. I'm leaning back toward TestStand, even though everyone else is moving away.  I figure that a debug/deployment license is a drop in the bucket compared to a new ATE, and a deploy-only license is nearly free.  (I work for a larger company where I'm not questioned about $600.)  I want to leverage TestStand's user management, database and reporting pieces, but the debugging opportunities mentioned in the article are also valuable.

  2. I have one question, Is there any way to control case structure from the front panel.


    Well, you could put the Case structure in an Event structure and respond to the Value Changed event of a control wired to the selector terminal of the Case structure.  I'm not sure I understand what you've got in mind, though.  Are you anticipating receiving many messages and wanting to manually examine some of them?  How will you isolate the ones you want to examine?

  3. We stopped looking at the post counts and started looking at the "likes" a few years ago - a much better outlook IMO.


    That's well and good until you realize that someone like me was on the first page for a long time.  I managed one RCF plugin that got a bit of attention for a while, and most of the rest of my posts were "liked" because I was being silly.  That's my legacy :D

  4. Can someone recommend a simple actor-oriented architecture?  That's a subjective question, I know...


    Many years ago I wanted to try my hand at OO programming, so I picked Java and began coding an application which ended up with an enormous main() method that did nearly everything (poorly, too).  I clearly didn't get OO; I knew that I was using the language incorrectly but I didn't know how to begin.  I later took a Java course which removed the mental block and I was able to refactor my code to use appropriate objects, each with their own properties and methods.  It was beautiful  Extending the application became ridiculously easy.


    I have a similar mental block with actors.  Please help me take a step, there's a roadblock that I just can't see past.


    Thank you.

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