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  1. DebugView can be handy at providing more details of the problem, especially with exceptions: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinte...s/bb896647.aspx Is the dll public, private, in the GAC, what environment was it created in (ie C, C#, etc)??? -AK2DM
  2. A. What forward current do the LED's need to light up? B. How much current can the serial port pins provide? If A>B then no LED illumination for you. -AK2DM
  3. Do you have the DAQ or DAQmx drivers installed? The vi you mentioned sounds like it may belong to them. -AK2DM
  4. Justin: That picture applies to me also, but I think I was a bit older. My Sharp EL-5500 II "Scientifi Computer" got me through college and I still use it today. Amazing what useful information you could store as REM statements, funny how handy those 'remarks' came in for tests http://www.rskey.org/detail.asp?manufactur...model=EL-5500II -AK2DM
  5. Sweet, I want a ride! Always thought it would be cool to have my own personal hovercraft for land/water recreational travel. -AK2DM
  6. jmtj6009: As a caution, you may want to power the chip separate from you motor battery if possible. Not sure how much electrical noise you motor will generate it may be enough to cause erratic operation of the chip. Not sure if this is feasible for your craft due to additional weight. You may want to fire up the motor and check for noise with an oscilloscope then make a decision. -AK2DM
  7. jmtj6009: The 6501 counter is an input only, thsu you are correct that it can't send a PWM signal out. -AK2DM
  8. QUOTE (menghuihantang @ Mar 25 2009, 06:58 AM) Minority Report interface was actually based on a technology in development by Oblong, see the link in the first post here on the Dark Side: http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?boar...;thread.id=7246 -AK2DM
  9. I tried it once, for about 15 minutes, and gave up. Not enough resolution to wire with. -AK2DM
  10. Well Ben, I've been waiting for this find for a while now, it has now become acknowledged: Liquid water with sustained presence on Mars. Granted, it is highly laden with salt (as expected) and the retros firing upon landing may have helped, but liquid nonetheless. Cool! http://www.marsdaily.com/reports/The_Salty...n_Mars_999.html -AK2DM
  11. Well, given the lack of details you have provided, I suggest you start reading the manual for your servo motor controller, specifically the programming commands section. -AK2DM
  12. Advantech sells mobo's and complete IPC's. I think some of their boards/systems support up to 7-10 slots. I think they also have mobos with ISA/PCI You could also go with the Single Board Computer on a passive backplane route. http://www.advantech.com/eplatform/ More IPC's at ICI: http://www.eindustrialcomputers.com/Produc...sp?idCategory=2 -AK2DM
  13. I'm glad Dad made him wear a helmet and gloves
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