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  1. LV 2013 and DAQmx base 3.7 works like a charm for me. Chris
  2. There are many ways. The Apple event way, the PSN way and the System Exec way. The latest one it probably the simplest and faster: to get all your processes in the format PID TTY TIME CMD ps -xc Get the PID of your process (first number in the line) Then do a kill -9 PID This will terminate your application abruptly! ---- You can also send a quit event to the selected application, do it using "vi.lib:Platform:AppleEvents.llb:AESend Quit Application" You'll need the application ID using "vi.lib:Platform:Targeting.llb:Get Target ID"
  3. Booting the kernel in 32 bits solved the problem! Lets hope for a quick release of a 64 bits version of Visa and of course the rest of NI products line!
  4. After updating from OSX 10.6.4 to 10.6.5, every time I open a VI or try to create a VISA resource name control , LabVIEW crashes. Both LV 2009 and 2010 exhibit the same behavior. By looking at the crash log, it seems that nipal has some problems when loading libSystem.B.dylib. I'll try to reinstall VISA and be back to you about the result. Ch (BTW, look at the funny way the editor interprets the crash log by replacing ": D" with smiley) Thread 0 Crashed: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread 0 libSystem.B.dylib 0x91362176 __kill + 10 1 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9
  5. SQLite converter This might of interest to someone with mySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle database http://www.sqlabs.co...teconverter.php ChS
  6. I guess it depends on the XCode and OS version you are using. There is an option to tell XCode to build for all format (i386,x64 and PPC) You may also links against various OS version. I usually do build for 10.5 SDK. Bitness? unless you have installed the SDK for 10.4 you should not have a bitness issue. The wrapper was needed since I (ok the OS) dynamically call the built in OSX version of sqlite using the -lsqlite3 in the linker flag. I had to rename calls to avoid conflict. This limit will go away if you compile the source for sqlite3. There are many to play with. I'm far for
  7. You are correct LV CLN only recognized "framework" This is strange, there are plenty of frameworks that you can link to, try carbon framework. Anyway LV VIs are often calling frameworks. To see an example check /vi.lib/Platform/Miscellaneous.llb/TickCount.vi See the attached file. I've made a basic wrapper that call sqlite3 functions. It links against the OSX version of SQlite 3 using the OTHER_LDFLAGS = -lsqlite3 in the linker options for the selected target. I have also modified the low level vis to include the OSX calls. See the provided All_OSX.vi to have a direct link to the modifi
  8. > I too thought about using the pre-installed SQLite. But I'm not sure that I can guarantee that it will be 32 bit if the Mac starts in 64 bit mode. A wrapper is not a useful way forward as it requires upkeep of other code than Labview and > would require a lot of work re-implementing an interface which is already there. A windows wrapper went this route and its limited because of this. > From my limited reading of the "framework" implementation its a bit like a fat arch. So does that mean I can compile a 32 bit and 64 bit and include both in the framework? Does the pre-installed SQL
  9. On OSX, LV expects to interface a ".framework" file. It has to be 32 bits as LV on OSX is still 32 bits. The easiest way to produce a framework is to use XCode and select new project / carbon or cocoa framework. XCode will prepare a skeleton ready to be used. As SQLite is built-in OSX, you should use the provided implementation and just write a wrapper around it. It is located in /usr/lib/sqlite3. This wrapper is only a few lines of code I've done similar wrappers for other libs. Let me know if you'd like to have a copy of the XCode project and files. Note that LV does not unload DLL/f
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