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  1. if you mean a program that acts as smtp server try these: http://www.smtpserver.com-http.com/ http://www.postcastserver.com/ bye!
  2. have you already read these posts? http://forums.lavausergroup.org/index.php?showtopic=1217&hl= http://forums.lavausergroup.org/index.php?...3007entry3007 bye!
  3. Have already tried to solve using Type Cast? i hope it solve problem! bye!
  4. Hi ddrummey, jack is right. Me too looked for the best way for preserve unlicensed distribution of my software and i choose Sentinel for the wide protection offered. I've now implemented also the querylicense (solved problems that i've posted in http://forums.lavausergroup.org/index.php?showtopic=80) and I've encrypted query/answer table using ultrapro key to decrypt them... i think that implement software protection internally in your software is better than use a quick shell because you can choose when and how check your protection. regards / Mynock
  5. Ok, Shamano! i've already founded the ni.com hint, but your hint about administrative tools is very useful! :worship: bye!
  6. Hi! I need to realize a sub-vi that receives a time input and use this data to set current system time. Setting system time must be possible even if user doesn't have administrator privileges, therefore I cannot use directly System Exec.vi to set time using TIME command... any idea? thanks in advance!
  7. Hi Dec, I think that Chris is right. I've paid 30 Euro for the UltraPro kit (with only one kit you can prepare infinite keys) and 40 euro for 5 keys... Note that one kit includes a key so you can try it... Quick Shell doesn't work with LabView executables, but with Protection Manager you can easily create a dll that you can use in LabView with the Call Library Function Node. When you create the key and the dll, the Toolkit create also a Code Sketch that helps you to query the dll. At the moment i've realized only a demo application that tests the key: Initialize-GetLicense-ReadString. Bu
  8. You are right: i've contacted SafeNet Support about drivers and LabVIEW examples. This was the answer: "We did provide an interface for LabView for our SuperPro hardware product, but there were some instability problems, so the interface was withdrawn. However, we have found that with LabView 7.1, our standard SuperPro 6.3 'C' DLL was able to link seamlessly, provided that _MSC_VER flag is defined in the source code before the include statement for the SuperPro header (spromeps.h). Although it is untested, the same principles should apply for UltraPro. Currently, there are no plans to provi
  9. Hi, I've read that Jack modified Rainbow LabVIEW VIs. In version 7 of Sentinel software there's no trace of LabVIEW example because -as told me Rainbow support- there were some instability problems. Now i'm in trouble: there's someone that can show me a VI to interface with HW key? :headbang: You can find me at mynock@<cut_this>libero.it thanks
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