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  1. Hello Norm, today I worked with the TLB template for the first time and I want to ask two questions. 1. Why did you use a LV object as user event data typ for the exit event? 2. The AMC library from NI has an "AMC Destroy Message Queue" VI, which is not used in TLB template. Why don't you destroy the queue? Uli
  2. Hello Ron, you have to download v1.7 manually from the link PJM provided.
  3. New pixel font. Cool. :thumbup1:That's what I always missed. As a workaround I saved letters, numbers and common texts (set, get,...) as glyphs. One issue: I tried to install the IE for LV2010, but VIPM said the version is not supported So, I copied IE manually to LV2010 and a first quick test was fine. Any chance the next package will work for LV2010 too? Uli
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