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About Me

Hmm.  What to say...

I work at the Carderock Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center:


I've worked in various branches of NSWC for almost 25 years now (sheesh, has it really been that long?!).  Previous to that I worked at a book store for a few years, one of the few places I could actually use my BA in English.  After going back to school and getting a BSEE, I started at NSWC and it's the only place I've worked since then.

My first LabVIEW project, a zillion years ago, was writing the control interface for a zonal electrical distribution system for the DDG-51 class ships.  I did NOT want to do it in LV.  It was just a gimic, not a real programming language!!

(I do wish I had saved that huge stack of floppies v2.5.2 came on -- it would be interesting to see what functionality was available back then.)

But wiser heads prevailed.  I taught myself LV, the project turned out well (I got to do a demo for the Asst Sec of the Navy), and the rest is history.  I've worked in C (and even Fortran) in various past projects, but always come back to LV.   I've used it as a general purpose programming language all along, even writing a database with it at one point (my boss was too cheap to send me to an SQL class.  I don't work for him anymore).  

These days I do a little instrument control in LV, but my main projects revolve around ATOMS, the Acoustic Trials Onboard Measurement System.  ATOMS is used to measure structureborne noise on submarines.  It is a configurable system of multiple data acquisition boxes connected to over 1000 sensors (mostly accelerometers).  I write the command/control software that ties all those computers and sensors together, and performs "real time" data analysis on the data products.  

Now for the important stuff:

My hobbies are hiking, reading, geocaching, and getting frustrated by really hard sudokus.  I'm attempting to teach myself how to play bridge.  I play CivIV way too much.  I occasionally have phases where I make lots of pretty fused-glass stuff.  Currently living in my household are my SO, my daughter, 2 cats, and 4 hermit crabs (I'm trying not to think about the ants in the kitchen).   My favorite number is 169 (13 squared!) and my favorite colors are blue and green.  I had siamese beef with lots of ginger and pickled vegetables for dinner last night.

All information provided herein is subject to change without notice.

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