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  1. You can do a lot with the picture control, but you could always try some Active-X containers. E.g http://www.nwoods.com/ ..and here is just a funny picture control example (I just it as a splash screen for my UML-editor). SplashScreen.llb //Mikael
  2. Correct Chris, pure LabVIEW. I could develop the software as soon as we added inheritance in GOOP. It was actually to prove to my self that LabVIEW (using GOOP) now supported all features an OOP-language needed. The only thing I miss is interface (but there is a couple of things you can do to solve this, X-Node is one way to go). One benefits of using a good OO-deisgn with inheritance, was that it only took me 4 hours to create a new UML diagram type (UseCase-Diagram), with the tools and symbols. //Mikael
  3. Hi The UML modeller is mora a graphical tool (like mspaint) then a UML 2.0 editor. E.g. -I also use it to analyses tables in datbases and draw these tables as classes in a class diagram. -A can stereotype a class to enum, and let it generate these. There is a video demo you can find here tht shows some basic features: Demo video //Mikael
  4. Hi guys! I'm the developer of the UML tool in LabVIEW (EndevoUML). Since we're upgrading our GOOP tools to support NI's build in GOOP as well as our own, I'm using a more flexible design, so the UML tool and the GOOP wizard can use custom made GOOP-kernels. My latest plan is to integrate our UML-program into LabVIEWs project environment. So you could right click in the project tree and select "Add Class diagram"/"Add State Diagram" If you have features you would like to see in this tool or if you want to become a beta tester give me a mail.
  5. The old ini keys seem to work, yes but to get the full scripting feature unlock you have to go into the License Manager and type in a password :-( I've asked NI to give me a "temporary key" to play with but Haven't heard anything yet. (I use the scripting feature in my UML Modeller) Cheers Mikael
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