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Found 3 results

  1. I discovered a potential memory corruption when using Variant To Flattened String and Flattened String To Variant functions on Sets. Here is the test code: In this example, the set is serialized and de-serialized without changing any data. The code runs in a loop to increase the chance of crashing LabVIEW. Here is the type descriptor. If you are familiar with type descriptors, you'll notice that something is off: Here is the translation: 0x0008 - Length of the type descriptor in bytes, including the length word (8 bytes) => OK 0x0073 - Data type (Set
  2. Over in the community forum, I have finally gotten around to posting the prototype for my serialization library. The prototype supports serialization to and from JSON for 9 data types and to XML (my own schema) for the same 9 (listed below). https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-24015 Please take a look. I've made it a priority to finish out the data type support for the framework generally and for the JSON format specifically. I will need community help to tackle any other formats: the framework is designed to make a single pair of functions on a class handle any file format, but the part
  3. Hi, I need to pass some data to a DLL and need to pass the number of bytes I'm passing also. I tried using 'cast' (should accept anything) for getting the memmap but this fails (polymorphic input cannot accept this datatype) due to an array inside the cluster. Then I wanted to switch to 'flatten to string' for getting the same result and now the arraysize is prepended before the arraydata I stripped down the code to the bare parts but I don't want to unbundle all elements from my original cluster, just for getting the size. Attached you can find a LV8.5 version, the behaviour in LV 2010
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