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Found 1 result

  1. I usually develop LabVIEW code on and for Windows (I used a MBP in the past, but exclusively developed within a Windows VM running on Parallel Desktop). A colleague of mine wanted to run an old app I had released on macOS a few years ago (labVIEW 17 was in the error log), and he reported that the app did not run anymore. I figured that since he was using macOS Monterey on an Intel MBP, there might be a chance that releasing the app using LV 2021 would work. Since my MBP runs macOS Catalina, I released it on that, sent him the executable and instructed him to download the 2021 RTE. That still doesn't work. I can't even make sense of the mangled error message he sent me. I know that Monterey is not even a term on NI's website, but I would assume that some have tried it already and maybe even released LabVIEW apps on it. Any hint as to what could be a problem in my workflow would be helpful. PS: the app is native G, there is no .NET, Active X or whatnot. I can actually upload the executable if someone wants to try it out on a Monterey Mac.
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