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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Network, I am writing array of timestamp in TDMS file. "TDMS Write.vi" generates an error after calling this VI as follows. Group Name = "DUT T1" Channel Names = "DUT T1_Time" Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions. BR Aniket
  2. "Write INI Cluster__ogtk.vi" is rounding numbers in several 1D arrays buried in my super cluster. I am using Producer-Consumer with Supercluster archtecture, so my SC is somewhat deep. The numbers being affected are doubles within arrays within a cluster within a cluster within an array within the Supercluster. I created a work-around in the attached vi with standard NI config file libs. My desire was to have Scientific notation with 7 significant digits. The number was 2.002252E-3. The JKI routine converted this into 0.002002 and dropped 3 digits that were significant parts of a calibration polynomial. The anomoly occurred for only in numbers with "E-3" values. E+n, E-6, E-9 values were not affected although the system would change the exponent and shift the decimal sporatically. The standard LabVIEW NI_LVConfig.lvlib:Write Key.vi does not have this problem as you will see in the work-around but does also have the habit of changing the Sci notation around to something other than n.nnnnnnE-n. It hasn't cause any loss in precision but had done things like changing -1.78569E-5 into -17.856900E-6. I guess it prefers the standard 3, 6, 9 format for exponents. This utility happens to be my number one library for saving all system settings of interest between runs. Designed to work with a SC. Went thru much gnashing of teeth to fidure out what is acceptable items to put in the cluster. Dynamic variables like DAQmx Task references will just cause "Write INI Cluster__ogtk.vi" to fail. Since I don't need dynamics, this is fine. Every time the user edits a GUI cluster (system settings), I kick off an even that pushes all settings of interest out to the config.INI file. Hope This Helps and Enjoy, Jeff Francis Stanley Black & Decker JKI INI File Save - Number Precision issue.zip
  3. Attached is my VI for writing a tiny HTML file to a intranet network directory. This is on Windows for writing to a file path like \\foo\bar\wtf.html (fictional!). But when the network is slow (quite often) the file write will fail. I've got a patch in there so survive the error and just wait till next time. But what really I need is a way to tell the write to hang in there longer and not give up just because there's no reply yet. My temporary work-around is to open a Windows file browser to that path, the twiddle my thumbs until the file list populates. Then, the path being established, I may safely start the parent VI of which this VI is a sub. Any ideas? Write_HTML.vi
  4. I need to write an array of 1 double precision number and 2 integers to a text file. I used the flatten to text but I get the file like this. @$ěHĚjŻ˛@8 @‰Č @$öOU#ĐT@< @‰Č @![šć‰±ę@@ @‰Č @#—ˇę?ťš@D @‰Č @$D}m6r@H @‰Č @"žţ-Î@L @‰Č @"E†„CĘ@P @‰Č @#ěÔ5ś.p@T @‰Č @#øĚyě@X @‰Č can you tell me a better way to do this? I also need spaces between each element
  5. Hi, I wrote the following program trying to output a series of 100 samples of pulses whose frequency is ramping up from 10 to 100. Device: PCI-6229. I got error: -201291: Pulse specifications cannot be written to a finite counter output task on this device. I do not know what was wrong. Basically I have no idea how to use the vi, DAQmx Write: Counter Freq NSamp 1Chan or NChan I do know how to use property node to change frequency and duty cycle on the fly. However, In this particular post I would like to know how to use this NSamp VI. Thanks.
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