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NI Week 2009 Session: Software Engineering with LabVIEW from Requirements

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Christopher Relf and I will also be co-presenting another topic at NI-Week: "Software Engineering with LabVIEW from Requirements to Deployment". Focused on V-Model development from requirements to traceability through the product development cycle, we'll be discussing how to incorporate National Instruments tools (Requirements Gateway, Unit Test Framework, etc) to ensure quality in your projects. I'm also planning on walking through regulated industry case studies and how this process easily maps into these regulations.

Note that this is meant to be an advanced session and I don't want to turn this into a sales presentation. What would you value most in a process-oriented presentation? How many of you have used NI tools in order to more closely tether your requirements and design to your development? Do you currently struggle to maintain a V-model development process?

Thanks for any of your feedback!

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Since the response to this thread has been amazingly underwhelming, I wanted to let you all know a little more about what we're planning: this isn't going to be the same old V-Model presentation that you've seem a gah-zillion times before - this will be how good process can impact your daily engineering life in a positive way. Learn how to not only give your customer what they want with minimal effort, and how to make sure what you deliver is what you said you would. This won't be presented at the manager's perspective, but at the engineer's perspective. Why? Because process is often driven from the top of a company down - we want to equip you with the tools and ideas that can make your work easier, more reproducable and ultimately more fun, and then you can drive those processes up in your organisation. That said, our presentation is far from set in stone, so let's hear your ideas on what you want us to present - what company processes currently get in your way? How can they be made better? What works well at your company? What inter-team challenges do you have? What works well with small teams? What works well with large teams? What doesn't work at all? :) We'll also be giving some demos on some tools that you can use to make your process life easier and more traceable. Let us know if these are good ideas, and/or if you'd like us to cover something else...

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QUOTE (Yair @ Jun 3 2009, 02:34 PM)

I would love to attend! Will you be presenting in Israel?

We'll definitely post our presentation along with notes and suggestions gathered during discussion at NI-Week for those who aren't able to attend. Is there anything in particular you'd be looking for in this presentation? :)

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I don't have anything particular in mind, but I would agree that it would be nice if VIE brought along a camera and tripod and recorded the session (both sessions, actually) for future generations and then made it available. There are many sites for sharing video.

While we're at it, it would probably be nice if the JKI presentations also did this. I've told NI people a few times that it would be nice if they did this too not just for the keynote, but there's no reason why the outside presenters shouldn't be able to do this for their presentation.

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QUOTE (Omar Mussa @ Jun 5 2009, 06:32 AM)

JKI started recording our presentations last year

Yes, I forgot that I actually saw it last year. I think it's great.

Incidentally, I would personally prefer having it available as a standard video on Youtube, although I seem to remember there are some issues there with video length. Maybe Vimeo? No reason you can't do both formats.

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