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Triggered Thermocouple module?


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I am looking for a 4-channel Thermocouple measurement device, to be used on a PC or NI PXI chassis. I am currently using a multifunction card with an SCB-68, but the resolution is not great. The solutions for a PXI rig are just WAY to expensive, and all of NI's other solutions lack a hardware trigger (there is the 4351, but I am told it does not support DAQmx, which is what I want to use).

Any suggestions?

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Why exactly do you need a hardware trigger? Temperatures change orders of magnitude slower than anything else. Wouldn't a software trigger do? Keep acquiring data till some software condition is met then bung that data into the rest of your code.

Which comes to my next question: what sort of hardware trigger do you need? AI line?


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If what you want to do is to associate a temperature measurement with some event in the process, try inputting the event as a digital bit somehow. Then sit on the bit and when it changes, grab the next TC reading, and add a time tag.

Neville is correct; you are in a domain where things do not happen fast. Use that to your advantage.

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