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data to graph in excel

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Hi everyone,

I hope i can make the data i got in labview to be transfer into excel and make a graph and so i did a VI with activex.

But it seems like something wrong with my programme because theres an error message coming out everytime i run the vi although i can get the graph in excel



run time error '1004':

Delete method of series class failed

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I found your error, it is with inputting a 1D array.

When you input the 1D array, there is no series 2 to delete (ie a second column), so it throws an error. If you input a 2D array (with data in both columns), it works fine.

So you might be able to add a second column of dummy data to the 1D array and then it will be deleted or you could do some more coding to determine the range to graph (if it is a 1D, then only graph column 1)

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