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FogBugz (Joel on Software)


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Some of us follow Joel on Software so I thought I'd point out that his company's project management product (FogBugz) has a free version for Students and Startups (of 1 or 2 people).  I found this quote that says anyone can use it, with the caveat that you pay for it if you can.

Anyone can use the Student and Startup edition. Our intention is to provide an awesome tool to those particular groups, but if you have two people or less than you can use it [emphasis mine, jc]. We won't police you. We do ask however, if you do have the money to please use our paid version so we can keep making great software (and implement the really long feature list our customers have been asking for).

Isn't that nice?  None of my projects would need more than one user (me), and when I actually have a customer it's always been only one at a time (so the 2 user limit wouldn't be an issue).  Do you know of another free project management site?  I've hosted my own (using DotProject) but I've lost interest in managing a web app. 

Edit - I probably misunderstand the whole users/customers bit.  I'll learn more about that this afternoon.

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I had the same need a while back and started using FogBugz a few months ago. I thought it was free for one or two users and any more than that you had to pay for it. The 2 user limitation is not an issue with me, either. I like FogBugz. It's uber-easy to set up and use. Also, customers seem to like the idea that even though I'm a lone gunman I still use project management, bug tracking and source control (SVN) software.

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