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Running a LabVIEW EXE from the Console

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OK, I got piping/redirection to work.

Sweet! This works for me. Only caveat is I cannot call it from the command line using start /wait to force it to wait until completion. However, calling it with "cmd /c myapp.exe" does work, will wait and redirection works too.

Thanks! now to try this in my real world application and see if Python likes it!

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Do you know what a non-disclosure agreement is? Well you agree to one when you sign up for a LabVIEW beta, and you can be subject to whatever NI feels that are legally allowed to come after individuals for. One such restriction is to not discuss beta topics outside of approved areas. This can have a real negative impact on NI's business.  LAVA is about minimal censorship and unless you, or NI complain I won't be editing your post, but if I were you I'd edit your post, or ask them to be edited.

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