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HYTEK iUSBDAQ - U120816 DIO problem

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I have downloaded all the iDAQUSB Hytek drivers and vi's and even tested the idaqtest&log.

I have created my own vi where i read continuously Data from digital DIO(channel 9-16) and save them successfully in my database.

I have a micro controller-encoder-transmitter and on the other side a receiver-decoder-Hytek-PC

The micro-controller is sending a 255 header followed by 14 bytes each for a different sensor. The problem i am facing is that i need a some sort of trigger to only read when change of state so that the one byte don't overwrite the other. in my case my hytek is reading 255-255 for all my data.

I need it to read only when it s triggered so i don t have overwrite.

Can i use the trigger input for digital input as well?? i was thinking about connecting the trigger input to the vt(trigger) of the receiver. but i dunno if it will work on labview.

I am enumerating...opening session...read/write IO and closing the devices each time. but i need it to read each time i send a new byte. how can i do that?

i would appreciate any help.thank you

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Dear Mandy,

Sorry to reply this late. As I understand that you only use DIO 9-16 for your byte reading. Although you can't use the trigger line for analog inputs for DIO ports, but you can make use the DIO ports from 1-8, check one of them to see the change of state, then read/keep the DIO9-16 states. Hope this will work for your case.

Kind Regards,


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Dear Irene_he

Hope you are doing well, I have the iUSBDAQ Module U120816, but lost its software/ Driver CD. Please help me in this regard, because the company website is down since a long.


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