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Load cell question


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Dear all,

I am working on a system which has a load cell on it. I previously worked with 4 output lines load cell. The one I see here has 3 lines output. One of the line is connected across both side. Could anyone please provide some information about this type of load cell? (the specific name, theory, document, anything) :thumbup1:




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In fact i think it's a half load cell. and it's run like potentiometer. 1) Power (or ref) red, 2) signal (white) 3) Gnd (black).

If you want use it with straingage amplfier, you must put the positive input to your white wire. For the negative input you must add external resistor divider , made with to equal value resistors. Connect like this. one resitor between Power (or ref)and negative input, and the other between negaztive input and gnd



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