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Table cell Coloring

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wire wizards;

I need to figure out how to apply conditional formatting to a table of measurement

results. In Excel,(am I allow to swear like that in here ;->) conditional formatting

can be applied to table columns or rows such that if the contents of a particular

cell is greater than a value, I can apply one condition (i.e. color the cell GREEN

to indicate a 'PASS' condition), and if the contents of that cell are less than the

same value, I can apply a different condition (i.e. color the same cell RED).

This allows in a quick glance through *alot* of values to find any failing data.

Is this something easily accomplished in LV? (BTW Win2K, LV7.0 PDS)

Thanks in advance


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Do you know if there is a way to hide the column and rows separation in a table???

thank you




If I understand what you want, I don't think it's quite possible. The 'grid' of lines can be repainted any color you like (through the control editor), but if you've set background colors of cells (using the example I gave you), there will always be a perceptible line between adjacent cells painted different colors. If you change the FOREground colors of cells (meaning the text), and leave all the BACKgrounds the same, and paint the grid the same color as the background, then the grid lines will 'appear to disappear'.

Did that make sense to anyone but me?? :blink:


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I'm fairly new at creating nice interfaces so forgive me if this is too elementary.

I was just trying something like this in LV 6.1 in a table.

The Active Cell cluster in the Property Node uses a cluster that is the Row number and Column number.

Make a property node that has Active Cell and Cell Background Color in it.

Once you know the row of the data that is out of range put that number in for the row and -2 in for the column in the Active Cell cluster and put the new color in the Cell Background Color (I use color box constants because they're easier for me).

To color a column instead of a row, reverse the numbers.

To color a whole table, use -2 in both numbers.

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