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LabVIEW Limericks

Norm Kirchner

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For reference, these are sung in this fashion Here

A girl, once named Joline

who had reviewed my queued state machine

said “No matter what you put through,

Your data never quite fills the queue.”

But, I told her six is both average and mean.

Aye aye yai yai

your program only works w/ 'run continuously'

so sing me another verse that's worse than the other verse and waltz me around by my while loop

A crowd of chicks from R&D

were impressed by my large VI Tree.

They’d all hoped for a squeeze

but I said, “Ladies please,

I must limit my queue size to three.”

Aye aye yai yai

your error wires have always been funky


I once knew a girl from japan

who was looking for a block diagram

I pressed control E

and saw his dependency tree

and swam all the way back to San Fran

Aye aye yai yai

If you like that one head over to 'Kiss & Fly'


I once knew a girl from floor three

who said she had her eyes on me

She liked my VI’s most

So I wrote her a blog post

and now I can’t keep her followers off of me

Aye aye yai yai

Christina please forgive me for that one......

I once knew a man from Racine

who invented a finite state machine

meally or moore,

it could't keep score

because it didn’t even fit on one screen.

Aye aye yai yai

nobody likes my block diagram colors


I once knew a man from Peru

Whose for loops only went to iteration two........

aye aye yai yai

If you didn't groan at that you've got issues


I once a girl named Alli

whose while loop had gone to iteration three

and then it stopped....

aye aye yai yai

You leave breakpoints in password protected VI


I once knew a girl I thought hot

Who I saw had a grey coercion dot

When I took her to bed

The damn thing turned red

and I ended up in a memory leakage spot

aye aye yai yai

If you like that one your a sick M@#$% F@#$()*

{slowed down} So sing me no more verse........ thats gotta be the worst verse.... and press my abort execution

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