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64-bit scripting in 32-bit environment


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I am in the very early stages of writing a scripting project that will eventually be running on 32-bit machines. I say "eventually" since I haven't moved to LV2010 at work due to stability issues, so I'm only using it at home. This wasn't a problem until I bought myself a brand-spanking new home computer. 64-bit, of course. So the question is -- can I write all my scripting stuff on my 64-bit home box and run it on my 32-bit work box (when I finally upgrade it to LV2010)? Or should I just dumb-down and run the 32-bit LV2010 on my 64-bit homebox so I can move it to my 32-bit work environment eventually? :wacko:

Looking forward to LV2011.......

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I have 3 machines at home. 2 are x64 1 is x32. One of the x64s has both x32 and x64 labview. I don't have any problems switching between OSs or labview. But there are some things to bear in mind.

32 bit dlls will work on a 64 bit machine, but you can't use LVx64 (must use LVx32t)

x64 dlls won't work at all on a 32bit OS. (you will get load errors if you try to use LVx32 to load them). Likewise 64bit applications written in LV will not work on a x32 machine.

LV must recompile between x32 and x64 every-time you load (the whole hierarchy) which might be a bit of a nightmare for your source control if switching to and fro.

Editing with LVx64 on a x64 OS is like lightning. LVx32 runs like a slug. Anything pure labview (like scripting) is totlay interchangeable. Install BOTH :)

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Editing with LVx64 on a x64 OS is like lightning. LVx32 runs like a slug.

Yeah, I do have minor concerns about getting used to coding on my x64 monster machine here at home, and then having to yawn my way thru waiting on my little x32 laptop at work. But actually, by the time I get approval to use LV2010/2011 at work, my least common denominator application laptop will probably be x64.

Anything pure labview (like scripting) is totlay interchangeable. Install BOTH :)

See, this is just more proof I'm not a true LV geek. While I may have different versions on different computers, I've never had more than 1 version on a single computer at one time. Or maybe it just shows how anal-retentive I am. Or maybe how easily confused I can get. :P

Yeah, that'll work totally fine.

Good, because when I can't get it to work, you all get to help me figure out why. :P

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