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Keyboard commandos


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I'm curious what hotkey combos the rest of you use most frequently and what quick custom quick drop key combos you use.

At home I have a Logitech G15 keyboard with 54 available macro keys. I keep thinking I should map LV functions to them but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Here are the hotkeys I use most frequently:

  • F1 - Remapped to toggle context help
  • F2 - Rename
  • Ctl-Shft-N - Remapped to open a new project (great for preventing cross-linking)
  • Ctl-Shft-A - Remapped to Save As

I try to set up my quick drop key combos so I can hit them all easily with only my left hand. Here are a few of them:
  • stw - While loop (structure, while)
  • stf - For loop
  • stfs - Flat sequence structure
  • stc - Case structure
  • ste - In-place element structure
  • stev - Event structure
  • std - Diagram disable structure
  • stcd - Conditional disable structure
  • sterr - Error case structure
  • carr - Array constant (constant, array)
  • cb - Boolean constant

95% of my quick drop use is placing a structure of one sort or another. For some reason I haven't gotten into the habit of using it for other stuff.

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There is also an awesome keyboard shortcuts page on our wiki here.

Great link. I tend to forget about the wiki page.

The original question is more about what everyone's favorite hotkeys are than what hotkeys are available. I thought it might give some insight into other developers' workflow. (i.e. Mapping context help to F1 and New Project to Ctl-Shft-N is a pretty good clue I use them a lot while coding.)

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