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LabVIEW on Ledato

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I doubt that you can run LabVIEW (IDE) on that platform, officially Debian is not supported by NI.

Running a Linux LabVIEW executable might work, but that really depends on what you want to do, remember that hardware support (serial for instance) is very hard to get working on debian platforms.


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Hi there.

Has anyone tried LV on the Ledato platform?

Ledato runs a Debian distribution, which should be ok...


This won't work! While Ledata runs Debian, which is a Linux variant, it also uses an ARM processor (which is the main reason it can be so cheap). LabVIEW for Linux is exclusively x86 (32bit).

So the only way to get LabVIEW working on there is to buy the LabVIEW Embedded for ARM Toolkit and create the according interface to integrate the Ledato tool chain. An interesting project but not a trivial one, and certainly not cheap when you look at the price of the LabVIEW Embedded Toolkit.

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