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System of linear equations


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I should solve this system of equations:

{ (x-xa)^2 + (y-ya)^2 = (x-xb)^2 + (y-yb)^2

{ (x-xa)^2 + (y-ya)^2 = r^2

I know values of xa,ya, xb,yb e r

to obtain values of x and y (the result can take different values)

I thought to use Mathscritp node but I don't having knowledge of Mathlab.....

Thanks hello...

ps happy christmas :)

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There is an analytical solution for that. Just chose proper coordinate system (x axis aligned with (xb-xa, yb-ya) vector). Then Y of your intersection point will be +-sqrt(r^2-(AB/2)^2). Rotating the coordinate system back will give what you need.

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