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  1. AQ, Thank you for the reply, enabling the highlighting tool is not a problem, and if nothing else works I will resort to that. If we talk probe scripting then I can script some code inside (and outside) of each of B.vi which will pass the unique ID to each of the B.vis. But those solutions look like hacks and workarounds to me. What I am actually looking at is the kind of functionality that the breakpoint provides. I mean, let us modify the code for B.vi as follows: Now it will stop when B.vi is called the second time. I go to the "stack trace" menu on the top: and the LabVIEW hi
  2. Thanks, Todd, no solution there. Voted up Jim's suggestion, though. May be I can do without determining the state of the node, if I can somehow get a reference to the exact node, that called my subVI.
  3. I am working on a tiny debugging tool. Say, we have a 2 vis, A.vi and B.vi. A.vi calls B.vi in multiple places on the BD. B.vi is being executed now. I would like to get the reference to the node on the block diagram of A.vi of a particular B.vi being executed right now (It may be paused, or just running). Same way as we get clickable "stack trace" drop-down list on a breakpoint. How can I accomplish it? A.vi BD: 1. If B.vi is reentrant, I could have used clone #. But if B.vi is not reentrant? 2. I can easily get an array of nodes of type "subVI" on A.vi BD. But the node does not h
  4. That is what I am talking about. The trick with property node -> Selected sort of works works but I there might be some hidden problems. At least none of the XControls that ship with LabVIEW do that.
  5. When (in edit mode) you click on the border of a regular control it becomes selected.Not so for all XControls I've seen or created so far. The only way I found to mimic the behavior is to use Control refnum from the container state cluster and set "selected" (Scripting enabled) property to true. Questions: 1. Is it safe to do so, as I recollect there some synchronization related limitations on what you can do with this refnum. 2. Do I really have to enable scripting; am I missing some much easier way to do it?
  6. do you do it through localhost? This is really strange and may point out to issues with OS installation as well as with issues inside the P2. (If it's not a mistype)
  7. Could it be something like a global variable?
  8. You did not follow the advice given here: http://labviewportal.eu/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=3523 So let me repeat it. First of all - disconnect "Service name" (as shown). It does not specify the interface to listen on. Second: check that you get the length (the first 4 bytes you are reading in correct byte order). This could be the cause of the memory error.
  9. Thank you for an answer... Will look for the next release. Back to designing workarounds ... I understand that it is impossble to make it work properly now for 2011 release, but is it posible to make it so that LabVIEW 2011 spits out a meaningful error, instead of "VI failed to comiple"? And does not crash afterwards?
  10. This is the way simulation subsystems work - they are "macroed" inside the top simulation diagram, say this one: would be executed same way as top level simulation diagram and as a subsystem. So, ading this feature to LabVIEW would not be a big problem (but totally pointless). and yes, I would agree with you that a warning may be justified when the subVI is created out of 2 totally independent things - and this might be a good topic for idea xchange.
  11. AQ, what version of beta do you refer to as to the second one. The latest beta 11.0b79 contains same bug (I go through the sequence of actions above verbatim and get the same result).
  12. This is exciting news!! Thank you for your efforts! I got so tired designing the workarounds, when single wrong step crashes LabVIEW. The resolution of this CAR It is a reason enough for me to participate in 2011 beta. I filled out the application, got no answer yet.
  13. From time to time I am not able to access LAVA, whether it from home, work or cell. The browser says: "unable to find host". It all started approximately when the server was upgraded/moved. Does anybody else experience the same?
  14. My regular development platform is 2010SP1, but this time I am forced to use 8.2.1. due to client license. jgcode, were your problems stability related, performance related or ... ? Did you refer to 8.2 or 8.2.1 when you spoke about the problems?
  15. Starting new project for old LabVIEW (version 8.2.1). I recollect there were some problems with LVOOP in 8.2, some of them so severe, that it was suggested not to use it in 8.2? I tried googling it out - no luck. Can somebody kindly point me to the problems I might run into. So far I remember: - no dynamic dispatch recursion - no properties - no friends and community scope.
  16. This particular implementation of Exponential fit was known to have problems when data falls below 0. Use http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/lv/71/gmath/Levenberg_Marquardt/ instead. I am not a great fan of express VIs, but potentially you can use Curve Fitting.vi express VI. Both require something more then base package. An overkill for such a simple problem, but you can also use
  17. So, essentially you are going to repeat this: http://www.hytekautomation.com/Products/IVision.html ?
  18. Here is a modification of silmaril's example to include the alternative to Run VI method I described earlier. In order to run it you have to download worker pool from Tomi Maila's blog: http://expressionflo...4/worker-pool/. class Incrementer inhertis from class Command. Everyhting works asynchronously with UI as expected. Once again Kudos to Tomi Maila for contributing this solution to the community and one more reason for all of us switch to LVOOP if you have not already ... Test_UILock_classes.zip
  19. Mads, thank you fro the find. I used RunVI method without realizing this. The only other reasonable alternative to using Run method I know is http://expressionflo...04/worker-pool/ It should not suffer from switching to UI exec subsystem But that one is more suited for running a set of identical "worker threads" that sizes with the size of task rather then launching a plugin.
  20. Like what? Since LV 8.2 callbacks are supported by DLLs. I suggest reading my favorite article on the topic: http://expressionflow.com/2007/05/19/external-code-in-labview-part2-comparison-between-shared-libraries-and-cins/. Parts 1 and part 3 are of some interest as well.
  21. I have suspicion that user events use the same event queue as user events generated by the UI, so if you're handling UI in the same progrma that might be a problem. You mentioned real-time. Is it a program for one of the RT targets? Or did you mean soft real-time?
  22. thomasvd, let me restate what you've just said: You need to be able to update a dll, containing ActiveX object without restarting LabVIEW. Is this correct? If so, I would incapsulate all ActiveX calls into a new VI, loaded via VI Server. So, when your main program is done executing, it unloads a VI from memory, thus destroying all references to your dll.
  23. Wow, that was a fast reply! Thanks, Aristos, I will be waiting for a future release. I the meanwhile I will have to include control and simulation loop for each of the child classes.
  24. Simulation subsytem is a modular unit of simulation diagram, which can be excuted inside control and simulation loop, using "Control Design and Simulation Module", URL. It is graphical representation of dynamical systems. Some people use Mathworks Simulink for the purpose. (There was some patent dispute if my memory serves me well). I wanted to develop an LVOOP wrapper around the simulation diagram, so that I can delegate the simulation diagram development to my colleagues.
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