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No I/O port is detected

Mars Su

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Hi fellows,

Need your helps!

I always use "VISA resource name" control to define the I/O port and it always work.(LabVIEW 2009)

Today suddenly I found that the "VISA resource name" control pulldown list shows nothing but "Refresh" ... ... :frusty:, nothing is detected. (I have a printer which is always connected so at least LPT1 should show up.)

Is it because certain relevant LabVIEW system application service is stopped?

What could the problem be?

Many thanks.

Best regards,


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Shaun is right, you can check things in MAX. But you can't do anything in LV until you get your ports squared away. It's not really very useful until you get those working. LV is not very helpful for getting ports to work in the first place. Once you HAVE them working though, it's possibly superior to any other tool.

MAX has the unfortunate quality of just shutting down with an hour glass as long as something is wrong, and locking your interface.

If the port doesn't show up in LV, chances are something is really wrong, and Windows isn't recognizing it. If it's Mac or Linux, can't help.

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Thanks you ShaunR and InsaneObject!

Your suggestions do help.

When I check in MAX, I found the NI-DAQ is not installed :frusty: . (I haven't specifically informing our PC administrator to include this when he install LabVIEW for me. It's my own fault....)

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