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Not all Unread Content appearing

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Sheesh. First day back and I'm already complaining...

So, I started up LAVA today and had 115 unread posts. I go to LAVA Lounge and read all the unread posts there, first (of course!). I go back to all Unread Content and it tells me there are now only 5 unread messages.

I don't think there were 110 unread Lounge messages, so I'm thinking I'm missing a whole lot of unread content.

I think I've noticed this happening before, in the past couple months, but I usually keep up a lot better so have just had a few posts disappear (I know they haven't actually disappeared). I would go to the last 24 hours button, but I can't since it's been 2 weeks.

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And on the flip side...

I fire up LAVA this morning and there were 15 unread posts. I wade thru them, noticing their icons go from "unread" to "read" as I do, but don't disappear. So now when I click on the "View Unread Content" button, I get a page of 15 read posts. And yes, I've closed my browser and reopened it a couple times and it doesn't matter.

By definition, shouldn't only unread posts be listed on a page called "Unread Content"??

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I'm guessing you're still logged in. I was logged out a couple of times (gotta love IE) and the unread content didn't update.

You're probably right. It would be kinda annoying to have to log in and out all the time just to clear that stuff out, tho.

But! I did figure out that if I hit the "Mark all items as read" then exit my browser, when I come back in it's all cleaned up.

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