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Hello everybody!

I get some values of pressure and enthalpy (not array) depending on time and want to make an XY graph Pressure-Enthalpy but as far as I can it always needs arrays to work. Does anyone know how can I represent this graph??

Thank you very much!


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Do you mean that you receive multiple points for pressure and enthalpy all at once, just not in an array, or you recieve 1 pressure and enthalpy point at a time at random intervals?

But just to get you off and running. Look at the array pallet and the Build array function. You can make a single value a 1-d array w/ 1 value by simply wiring 1 element into it.

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Sorry PJM but I can't open the file. Don't know why. When I try to open it, says that I have to look for the name of this file, and so on. Could you help me??


Odd, there no call to anything in that file (only labview primitive).

What version are you running ?

Meanwhile here is a screenshot of the block diagram.



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I'm running v7.0, but I'm also a beginner.


Well, the file work fine for me (and is in LV7.0). I just redownload it from the forum.

Just in case I attached a 6.1 version (should not make any difference but who know).

I any case, you have the screenshot to get you going


Download File:post-121-1094771598.vi

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Ok Mr. Beginner,

Here's your crash course.

The XY Plot will only display the data currently input into the control. So every time you get a new point, you must merge it with the previous data and push that to the XY plot control.

The way to access previously acquired points is to use shift registers.

Here's the methodology, like in PJM's example.

Acquire an x point and a y point use the build array feature to merge the current x point with an array of all previous x data and do the same w/ the y point.

Then after the new points are merged bundle them together and then push the new cluster to the XY plot.

Hopefully this combined w/ PJM's code you understand how to handle the data you are getting


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