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External Hardware Pushbutton

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The aim of the attached code was to respond to a pushbutton on an external piece of hardware.

The VI is responding to the pushbutton action and lights the led on the front panel when the button is pressed. However, I cannot get the event in the Message Generator to respond to this, which also results in the Exit pushbutton on the front panel hanging up.

Any advice would be appreciated.



StopBtn - dynamic register3.vi

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Thanks for the advise Daklu. It worked as you suggested but has now raised a further issue. The Exit button now no longer works because the DAQmx in th Wait case keeps running. If the external Stop button has not been pushed, I have not worked out how to detect this non-event and go to the Exit case

The modified code is attached. Any further help you can offer would be appreciated.



StopBtn - dynamic register5.vi

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