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[oglib-lvdata] - Can't load an array of classes using the variant config VIs

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There's a problem with the variant configuration VIs, where if the cluster has an array of classes, that array can be saved, but it cannot be loaded:


The problem comes from the type descriptor analysis, which recognizes the class as a refnum, and thus attempts to create an array of refnums, which the class isn't.

I'm not sure if there's anything which can be done about this (because it's quite possible that constructing a temporary LVObject and pushing the flattened data into it will fail because LV expects the object to be of a more specific type), but I did find something that looks like it might allow recognizing the object, as can be seen in the attached VI (LV 2009).

Array of classes bug.vi

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Hi Yair,

Ya, objects really aren't supported well at this time. I'd love for the OpenG team to consider adding support, and I'm sure there are some fun things we'd all learn in the process.

In the mean-time, you might consider flattening the object and writing that to file or have a VI that converts the object to some data cluster that can be persisted.


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