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NI Week 2011 Info

Mark Balla

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Everyone should be advised that it's looking like it's going to be dangerously hot in Austin this year during NIWeek. And I don't just mean crelf.


That means that for everyone coming to the LAVA BBQ, we should all be aware that it's a bit of a walk (~1 mi) to get there. This isn't as bad as it sounds, and really, you can use the exercise. But it's going to be hot so take that into consideration. A good time to set up transportation is during the Block Diagram Party on Tuesday afternoon before the BBQ. Tons of LAVA people will be around, and you can probably work something out.

Here are the transportation options I'm aware of. Austinites or others, chime in with your tips!

Walking - The old stand-by.

Carpooling - Find a (new) friend who has a rental car. I know that a few people have done this in the past; perhaps they've organized it on this very board?

Pedicabs - There are fleets of pedicabs (example) that patrol the downtown area, and will take you to Scholz Garten if you want (assuming they haven't all died of heat stroke). Tip them generously!

Taxicabs - It's a lot like carpooling, only you don't know the driver.

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