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Are there any LabVIEW libraries to control Lego WeDo?

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I'm wondering if there's anything like the LabVIEW add-on for Lego Mindstorms NXT, but for Lego Wedo, that lets you directly control the WeDo motors and sensors with LabVIEW. If so, that would be super cool.

Our Lego WeDo Robots Construction Set arrived and my daughter and I are having a blast building stuff. But, I forgot to order the WeDo Robotics Software that's used to write programs and control the robots, so we're not having nearly as much fun as we could be :lol:

[update: I found a thread on ni.com that lead me to a Tufts University Center for Engineering Education and Outreach page with a link to a downloadable WeDo LabVIEW Module zip file containing the required VIs and DLLs. I was able to make them work on Windows :thumbup1:, but not on Mac yet (the .framework wouldn't load)]

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