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Want to use parallel port for switching the relay


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I' have a plan to use USB6009 + ULN2803 driver card for switching the relays.

(It means using Digital Output from USB6009 and interfacing with ULN2803 driver card, to switch the relays)

Now i changed my plan not to use USB 6009 and looking for possibilities of using parallel port instead of USB6009.

(It means i want to use parallel port to give TTL output and i will give it to ULN2803 driver card to drive the relays).

Is anybody give me advises - how to use parallel port for my application (switching relays), i will be very grateful.

Please clear my doubt that can't we access parallel port in Windows XP?

Many forums specify that we can only access the in Windows 98 only. Is it true?

Thank you friends!

Please forgive me that i have very poor knowledge in Parallel port.

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Be aware that the second solution using InPort and OutPort is not going to work for 64 Bit Windows system, as far as I know. You may say that this is not an issue now, but there are rumors that future Windows versions will go the same path as Apple did, and will be 64 bit only, without any option to boot a 32 bit version anymore.

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