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How can I get involved?

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I'm a LabVIEW coder of about three years. I've never had the opportunity to take the CLAD or CLD exam, but I'm approximately between the two in skill level, based on what I've seen from the practice tests, etc.

I'd really like to get involved in open source LabVIEW work, but don't really have too much opportunity at my new job. I'd really like to strengthen my LabVIEW chops and this seems like as good an avenue as any.

Can I contribute to OpenG, or some other open-source LabVIEW project? If so, how can I get started?

Please forgive me if this has all been answered already elsewhere.



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Hello Randy,

you're more than welcome to participate with OpenG.

Currently Jonathaon Green is the lead developer of OpenG, so you can send him a direct message if you want some 'tasks'.

For instance you could have a look at the bugs posted at sourceforge, and see if you can tackle them (I advise you to take a SF account in the process as well).

Another way to participate is to go over the proposals in the OpenG forum, and give your opinion, try to find weak spots or improvements.

If you have code you feel is general enough you can add that to the proposal forums as well!


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It's Jonathon actually ;)

Great post by Ton - there are heaps of ways to contribute to OpenG.

Please PM me if you want to discuss further.



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      Jason Willis, aka WireWarrior on the LAVA forums, is a CLD from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA and very keen to start helping.
      On behalf of the OpenG Team I would like to welcome Jason on board and look forward to his contributions!
      In fact, he will be chairing the Variant Config Update - haven't seen it? - check it out here!
      Kind Regards
      Jonathon Green
      OpenG Manager
      Wanna be an OpenG Developer too? PM me.
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