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The physical manifestation of LabVIEW object actors? Oh yes.

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Have you seen Reactable?


(youtube links in there)

They have hardware and software versions, though both rely on a screen.

If only each Sense and Action Cubelet could be turned into a Min, Max, Blocker, Passive or Inverse Cubelet when touched with a "Be This Instead" Cubelet. Or touch an Inverse to the business side of a Sense or Action to change it's behavior.

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Todd: In theory, later this year the makers of Cubelets will change out all the logic cubes for a new style that allows bluetooth to change which instruction each cube represents. Includes ability to put custom logic on drive cubes, etc. But that would mean buying a new set of cubes... *sigh*

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Damnit, Stephen, stop showing me expensive things that I want. Thankfully, Cubelets are so over-the-top expensive that the practicality of putting food on the table immediately overrides my normal impulse of reaching for the credit card. Now, if they were about half that price, I don't know if I could control myself...

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