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desire to learn CS fundamentals


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Another project, also quite small but quite revealing, is, in any text based language, write a program that emits its own source code.

(I've tried doing this in LabVIEW, and the process is very similar but so tedious as to be overwhelming....)

Assuming you don't cheat and simply create a VI which calls the Save Instrument method on itself and saves a copy.

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I hadn't heard of Udacity or Coursera before reading this thread today, so naturally I spent the last 6 hours browsing through the content. Both offer short interactive quizzes during the lecture, and I ran across this one in the Udacity Cryptography course.


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Algorithms I begins, again, next week, just in time to finish before Algorithms II begins in March.  I didn't finish part 1 so I've enrolled in it again.  I decided early on that I wasn't going to bother with the assignments in Java.  I'll try to work them in LabVIEW...

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