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Position in arrays


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If I have two arrays with 12 elements of strings and I will like to know if e.g. in both arrays the elements at position 4 are filled in with some values (I can check this with a blank string constant) and all others are blank how could I find out the position four?

I thougt of a case structure in which I will list all possibilities.


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If you take one of the sting array controls and an empty string constant, wire them both to a 'not equal' operator, the result is a boolean array. Each element of the array shows you if the corresponding element of the string array is filled or not. Now if you check position 4 of the boolean array it shows you whether that position is filled. Do that for both arrays and 'and' the results and you will know, whether both positions are filled.


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Everyone... Let's not forget the "Empty String/Path?" Function. It can also check if a string is empty (blank) with only one node.


"Empty String/Path?" is very useful. Here is an undocumented feature of that function -- checking if a Variant is null. :thumbup:


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