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Triggering Boolean Events in the cluster within a 2d array


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I had never known that the controls inside the cluster contained in the 2d array were unavailable to be used in the Edit Event Handling for this case dialog box.

So I just did my best to trigger the events for the boolean controls. Please see attached my attempt.

I will be glad to know there is a better way to achieve this. Any ideas?

Kind Regards


Triggering Events For Booleans in an Array.zip

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In your code the event is triggered when any of the fields inside the cluster is modified.

Have a look at the first image I posted to see how you can get a specific field inside the cluster.


First we caste the ArrElem to a cluster, then we get all elements inside the cluster, and afterthat we take the third element (the boolean) and register the event for that control only.

Here's your code:


(spot the differences)


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