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New Array VI

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So I know this is a few years old, but I wanted to update it.  I stumbled across Altenbach's post here, about converting a 2D to a 1D array.  So I combined his code to the code in this post and made two polymorphic VIs that support a few more features.  


From the 2D to 1D it has several more polymorphic types, and supports concatenating by rows or columns.


From the 1D to 2D it has several more polymorphic types, supports specifying the number of rows, or number of columns to make, and supports iterating over rows, or columns when splitting.


I wanted to make individual icons for each polymorphic type but didn't get around to it.  I also pulled these out of the LLB but admittedly that was just so it was easier to work on, on disk.

1D to 2D Array.zip

2D to 1D Array.zip

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