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  1. This change happened in 2019. My suggestion is to start getting used to using Ctrl+U to clean up the wires (make sure the wires are selected first). I am pretty sure there is a LabVIEW.ini token to turn this off, I'm just having problems finding it.
  2. Well, the developers of the two applications will have to agree to a protocol to communicating with each other. Once you have that figured out, go into the LabVIEW Example Finder and there is an example project for TCP/IP communications.
  3. Bryan's suggestion is by far the simplest method. The other route would be to have the two applications communicate over TCP/IP.
  4. CSV is a text file. So why are you stuck with Excel? It will not do what you want. What's wrong with making another viewer? Push back on this requirement to figure out what the real goal is.
  5. UltraEdit is just a text editor (a REALLY good one, in my opinion). So I have had test results being saved to a text file and had the result file open in UE. I can look all I want and then reload the file whenever I want to see the updates.
  6. Excel actually locks the file so only it can edit it. So if you close the file in LabVIEW, you will not be able to reopen it to add more data. Yes, I have personal experience with this. Since you are using a CSV, I would recommend something like UltraEdit. UE edits backup files and it will let you reload files that have changed while you have it open. I'm not sure if Notepad++ does the same.
  7. VIPM is showing 1.2.09. I thought I saw a notice on LinkedIn about Hooovahh Array VIMs being released. I don't have access to check vipm.io at the moment (blocked by work firewalls).
  8. I would say NI is becoming more and more software oriented. Just look at their latest acquisition (Optimal+). But all of the software I have seen are still geared toward hardware sales (FlexLogger to DAQ hardware, Instrument Studio to PXI instruments, InsightCM to cRIO, SystemLink to PXI test systems and cRIO, DAQExpress to DAQ, a lot of tools to the VST). And I don't see a spin off happening that would work well. All of the NI software tools are using a core stack now (reuse!). I saw evidence of this when I got a demo of VeriStand and it looked just like NXG (this was when NXG was still only in CABs). I don't think LabVIEW 20xx is attached in the same way. So I think there is an argument that LabVIEW 20xx could be spun off into an open-source project. But NXG is too ingrained into the MCP to be broken off without taking everything else with it.
  9. I'm seeing a lot of activity on the LabVIEW Wiki Youtube channel. So it does look like things are progressing!
  10. NI has always been quite open with me about that over my entire 15 years of using LabVIEW: LabVIEW was developed to drive hardware sales.
  11. It really depends on your point of view. I deal with a lot of people who see the hardware integration as the strongest thing about LabVIEW. But then I run into a bunch of people who just expect LabVIEW to do everything for you, which is just completely unreasonable. Perhaps that is where FlexLogger, DAQExpress, and the like come into play.
  12. And on a mobile, that splash screen takes up more than my screen, making it so I can't even close the dialog.
  13. NI Week keynote. Pure marketing BS. Exactly what I expected from it.
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