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  1. This will only affect you if you use custom fonts. If using the default since Windows 7, you will see no change. Neil was using fonts to match XP.
  2. That's unsettling. When my current project is done, I was planning to upgrade to 2023Q1 64-bit (currently using 2019SP1 32-bit). Apparently, I will have to put more scrutiny in my evaluation first.
  3. But yet technically completed with the Stall Data Flow.vim that was released in 2017 along with a bunch of other malleable VIs.
  4. Here's the starting point: Wait (ms) with error pass-through From what I remember at CLA Summits, this was unofficial up to 2016 (called a "macro" at this point in time). But the cat was waaaaaaaaaaay out of the bag, so NI spent time to make it a proper feature and malleable VIs started in 2017. The Type Specialization Structure was not quite ready for prime time for another year (2018).
  5. Keysight buying NI would be monopolistic (2 of the biggest T&M companies merging). Not likely to happen, but I could see Keysight buying Digilent (an NI company) and Emerson buying the rest of NI. I'm not familiar with Fortive, so I may have to look into them. But sale by early April?! At least its not far from now. Edit: Fortive owns Fluke and Tektronix. Them buying NI would be interesting as well. Would the parent company force NI and Tek to work together on a PXI scope again?
  6. I might have a couple of classes floating around that hit 4 levels deep. I would say well over 90% have 1 or 2 levels, so I voted based on the large majority.
  7. Running the code in 2022 Q3 shows the same result. Very interesting. Though, I very rarely have to use Type Cast. Flatten To String and Unflatten From String do all of the conversion I tend to run into.
  8. Mark Balla and Kevin Shirey managed to record a bunch of the sessions. Links are available on LabVIEW Wiki. https://labviewwiki.org/wiki/NI_Connect_2022 The NI videos Dataflow_G links to is from the the opening keynote.
  9. I actually found COVID helped me renew since so many user groups went virtual. I was attending user group meetings from Europe, Texas, Michigan, etc. Those points added up really quickly.
  10. In my opinion, part of the issue was getting confidence in the "separate from compiled" feature. I would have to dig into some history to figure out when NI started using it for vi.lib. But shortly after that, it would make a lot of sense to push this in the drivers. So if you really want to play the hindsight game here, it is something that should have been feasible around 5 years ago. But NI was putting all of its marbles into NGX at that time. Regardless, I am happy about this feature and I look forward to being able to avoid updating drivers purely for the "new LabVIEW version support" and no other changes.
  11. We got some more clarification on the "decoupling driver versions" on the public beta forum: https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-2022-Public-Beta/LabVIEW-2022-Beta-New-Features/m-p/4234011#M49 In short, there will be a new common location that the driver will install the LabVIEW Support to and LabVIEW will look there. They will depend on the "Separate From Compiled" to allow the VIs to be used by multiple versions of LabVIEW.
  12. A new hardware platform called TestScale sounds interesting. Unfortunately, NI's web site has no information on it yet.
  13. Yeah, but this is still a major support hole.
  14. HP spun off the T&M into Agilent, who grew into the Life Sciences industry. Agilent then spun off the T&M into Keysight. Personally, I'm expecting NI to spin off the T&M part of their business into a new company in the next 5-10 years. Whether or not LabVIEW is part of that, I have no clue.
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