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Open a URL in client machine

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I'm developing a remote application, and I need that a page opens in a web browser on a client machine if an event occurs.


Basically, the remote client opens a Login.vi, if the login and password are OK, then a new page opens in a web browser with the second vi.


I used the open url block, but it only opens the url in the host machine.



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I have to agree with you. I guess that a solution might be when a login is OK, display an hyperlink, so the user can click it and open a new tab in a web browser.


Im not sure if labview can display an clickable hyperlink in front panel.

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See the attached VI. (LV 8.6)


This was a template "About" vi from an old project. All you need is the event structure, the WebLink control and a call to Open URL in Default Browser.




Thanks Phillip. Unfortunately the Open URL block opens the URL in the host machine, and I need  it to open in client machine.


One solution is display the link to the user after the condition is achieved, so the user can copy and paste it to the browser. But im still looking for a way to do it automatically.

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I think this is in general a no-no. What you want is a popup to open. And most modern browsers include a per-default activated pop-up blocker.


Perhaps you can overload the html page containing your embedded dialog with some ajax code?



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