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Determine day of week using Zeller's congruence

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Neat!  :thumbup1:


I see a prime candidate for Coerce to Type in there; this, and removing the decrement by pulling the ENUM output before the increment could tidy up that last bit of syntax.


+1 -1 that's so funny... after I read your reply, I still needed some seconds to find this lame operation! +1 Kudo for the Coerce to Type operator. This situation seems to appear almost every state-machine-like VI!



...... and here's the Sakamoto method.




A little bit afraid to say... but... the c code looks so much more readable in your example! I mean it makes me afraid because this kind of comment lends itself very easily into love-hate posts...

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On 5/11/2018 at 2:56 PM, mahgust said:


zeller2.vi and zeller.vi has different results.

zeller.vi has correct one.

Check today date 11may18 it is friday.



The difference is in the second Q&R function, where version 2 converts the remainder to U16 instead of the quotient.

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