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Interestingly, not sure if it is related, your most recent posts have included a broken image link icon whenever you have attached a picture. Even more interestingly, this picture does actually display, inline, in the quick reply editor!

The images are just inserted images that have to reside on another server (using the insert image button in the bar). Usually I upload the images to lavag and insert them. Obviously I cannot do that at the moment so this way is a work-around. I can do something similar for the files I want to upload, but then they won't appear inline in the posts as attachments (and presumably I cannot put stuff in the code repository for people). You will have to be redirected to my download page to get them (not desirable).

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Have you hit your 10MB limit? The only place I can find to check my current usage is when I try to attach a file. Currently, I have 5.89MB left.


It doesn't tell me when I upload (just says uploading is not allowed with a upload error). When it first happened, I deleted 2 of my code repository submissions just in case that was the problem (deleted about 1.2 MB to upload a 46KB image). It didn't make a difference. There used to be a page in the profile that allowed you to view all the attachments and uploads and monitor your usage. That seems to have disappeared so I can't be sure that deleting more from the CR will allow uploading..

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