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Add a new invoke node to the block diagram

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An Invoke node can not be tied to a VI directly like it can to a control within that VI.  But the easiest way would probably be to use a Static VI Reference, put your VI you want to reference into it, and then wire the reference to the invoke node method.  You can also use the Open VI Reference if you know the VI Name or VI Path.

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I'm sorry but perhaps I wasn't clear. I would like to add to the block diagram of a VI, which I created dinamically using the scripting, an Invoke node (the AbortVI invoke node) programmatically, still using the VI Scripting. I can't believe you can't do it!

I'm having the same problem on adding the property node to the block diagram.

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Yeah you were a little unclear on what you wanted.  What you want can be done with Invoke or Property Nodes.  I've never done it before but it wasn't too hard.  Attached is a VI that will make a VI, drop in an Invoke Node, change it to the VI type, then set it to Abort VI.  Saved in 2010.

Create VI With Abort Invoke Node.vi

Create VI With Abort Invoke Node.vi

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Hi hooovahh,

Thank you very much for your support in this matter. I was able to add the invoke node to the diagram but after a valuation of the code I prefered to add the  property node "FP.Open" than the "abort VI" invoke node. This allows me to close the VI windows without saving it instead of just stop it. Now, the problem is that I'm not able to connect the terminal of "FP.Open" to a specific boolean which is already connected to another terminal. Please, have you got an example of how to coonect a property node terminal to another terminal, such as a constant or so on?

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Thank you anyway, I've resolved the porblem. It was very simple. My mistake was that I didn't see the "Terminals" property of the property node I was trying to connect the "property node" directly to the wiring unvoke node of the scriping.

It was enough to pass to the invoke create wiring of the VI scripting the right treminal of the property node I had created.


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