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Help opening .mat in labview

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I am new to labview and need some assistance trying to open a .mat file for further analysis (example file attached). The file formate is level 5 and I believe the data is in arrays. I do not have access to confirm the structure but have been told the layout of the data i need to access follows the following structure: MotionFile_walkaround -> Actor_50_human -> Segments -> Sacrum -> Pose.


I have successfully read the header and found that byte swapping is required. I have downloaded the Mat-File IO library but have had no success in reading the actual data set beyond the header but assume this is due to my inexperience with both .mat files and labview. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    • By farzane lk
      I have received a LabVIEW dll and the corresponding header files so that I can send a trigger to a skin stimulation device.

      when I use the loadlibrary command in my Matlab script, I receive these two errors:  "We don't know the Compiler" and "We don't know the ProcessorType architecture"
      Which means while reading the "platdefines.h", the Compiler and the ProcessorType does not match the ones listed in ifs.
      I have set c++ compiler to visual studio 2015 in Matlab. (also tried MinGW). the system I`m using is Windows 10 (tried on 7, too), 64bit.
      I read somewhere that manually defining the ProcessorType and the compiler might solve the issue. But the problem is I Don`t know what they are. (when these two conditions below are not accepted.)
      #elif defined(_MSC_VER) || defined(_NI_VC_)
              #define Compiler        kVisualC
      #elif defined(_M_X64)
              #define ProcessorType    kX64
      How should I find out the ProcessorType and the compiler I have? 
      I`d be EXTREMELY THANKFUL for any solutions you can think of.
      P.S.1 I attached all the headers and the Matlab error.jpg
      P.S.2 The code seems to work fine on manufacturers system with Matlab 2011. so it may be Matlab-related, but I don`t get how since the error is from platdefines header file.

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      I'm writing an application where users can plug in their own matlab code via a Mathscript "wrapper".  I need a way of timing out the matlab in case the user creates an infinite loop.
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      If not, does anyone have any good (hopefully simple) suggestions?
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      Dear all,
      My company is starting a project where some Matlab files (.m) need to be executed by LabVIEW. The 2 obvious solutions are Matlab script nodes and MathScript nodes. Unfortunately, even though the latter one is the most cost-effective and light in terms of installation, many of the functions we need are not supported by the Run Time Engine, so it's kind of a deal breaker.
      For the Matlab script nodes, I know Matlab needs to be installed since LabVIEW will request Matlab to execute the scripts through ActiveX. What I don't know is: what version of Matlab? Is there a cheaper "Run Time Engine" of Matlab we can use instead of buying the full-blown developement version of Matlab?
      Any other comment, remark, suggestion, alternatives?
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