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Distributed Version Controls Systems (DVCS) .... and SVN


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We have a multi-site, multi-developer project.  The code uses LVOOP with LV2012 SP1.


I am looking for suggestions, tools, etc to simplify checking in code (committing for SVN).  At the moment, we have to use SVN and it is unlikely to change. 


A quote from Jim K in February 2011:   "Jim Kring demo the JKI TortoiseSVN Tool for LabVIEW and talk about the next big thing: Distributed Version Controls Systems (DVCS) and the benefits they will bring to software engineering in LabVIEW."


Did anything evolve from this?  Does the JKI Tool support multi-user in the sense that it facilitates commiting code with SVN without having to resolve any conflicts.  I am mostly concerned with mis-matches with the lvproj, but SVN should be able to handle that with Merge or Compare functions. 


Any comments on this topic?  Euh... yes, I am aware that there are other Source Control than SVN, but that is way beyond the realm of my influence.  :(





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We tried an experiment..  It appears that all we need to do is to merge the lvproj before committing the code.

If that is all, then it is not a major issue... 


For some unknown reason, I think there might be more to this.. 


If anyone has had bizzare experiences, do share..  I will provide an update as well..

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I also seem to remember people saying that even though the lvproj file is ostensibly XML, merging it sometimes causes later loads to fail (maybe because of non-standard XML or binary elements in it), but I don't remember having practical experience with merging project files. In any case, if you have conflicts, they will have to be resolved (which in LV, probably means using the LVmerge EXE).


Additional relevant points:


Viewpoint recently released a TSVN toolkit which integrates straight into the project tree and is supposed to be very good and free. I haven't tested it myself because my TSVN version is too old and can't support it.


There's a long series of detailed posts about working with SCC in LV, including SVN. It's probably worth reading at least the relevant parts. You can see the list here - https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/atlanta/blog/2013/11/04/some-basic-git-info

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