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Array of Waveform Graphs


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I'm sure I have lost my mind but I cannot figure out how to create an array of graphs.  I inherited this project that was written maybe 10-15 years ago and i'm in the process of updating it to Labview 2013 but I cannot figure out how they created this array.  Can anyone help? (Please see attachment)


Array of Graphs.vi

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I don't want to jump out on a limb, but I want to say this is an undocumented feature and LabVIEW shouldn't be able to do this.  Searching resulted in a few links where people have work arounds to get arrays of graphs because "you can't natively have an array of grahps/charts in LabVIEW".  The internet has been wrong before but I think this isn't allowed.  I do think it is something with the array control.  Because if you pull out one of those graphs you can't put it into a new empty array.


You can make a cluster with just a graph in it, and then put that cluster in an array but that has other issues.


Also I don't know about on your system but when I open that VI I get all kinds of unreadable text in the context help.  Sometimes this is a regional/language thing but it could be a sign that this shouldn't be done.

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