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Displaying live video.... Without IMAQ

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Has anyone had success displaying live video (8bits,480x748) at a high frame >15fps rate not using the IMAQ controls.

I can get the driver to acquire up to 30fps and display the data via a numeric array indicator, but when it comes down to displaying the whole image, it takes me down to about 7-12fps.

I have toyed w/ the intensity graph and found that to be inefficient. 5-7fps max

I have found a solution using the picutre control, but I max out around 12 fps.

Has anyone had success doing this?

Norman J. Kirchner Jr.

Certified LabVIEW Developer

Automation Software Engineer

Engineering Specialists, Inc.

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as i 've mentioned in the mail list, i have write a VFW base (Video for Windows) wrapper for video or image processing under LabVIEW. It works with IMAQ + Vision, but don't needs it !

What do you want to do, image processing or, just showing a live video in your VI ?




How can I get my hands on your wrapper?


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I thought I would wrap up this thread by letting all know of the solution. It's a bit dependent on how much horsepower your PC has but it's PLATFORM INDEPENDENT :thumbup:

SIDE NOTE: Mario, I was just looking to display the image (end side note)

I have found a way to hack into the picture control to allow fast redraws of streaming video. Assuming you get your video data in a 1-d array of U8 (but concept can be adjusted for any vid format). If you use the standard "Draw Unflattened PixMap" for your first frame, to format all the picture data/header info


And then for every following frame, simply replace only that portion of the picture data within the bytestream.


You can reach framerates in excess of 30 FPS with only the PICTURE CONTROL. There are a number of other assumptions going on here, but for the sake of space I'll stop here.

Happy Hacking


The Captain

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